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Jake Pauli

Jake Pauli


My name is Jake Pauli and I love making wine. And drinking wine. I am passionate about crafting a wine that you can actually drink. I don't want wine to be pretentious and difficult. You shouldn't be done after just one sip. I want you to be able to drink and enjoy it!

I am a fifth generation farmer in Mendocino county. Our family raised cattle, grew clover, pears and now wine grapes. My parents and four siblings work in the vineyards; I work in the winery. We mostly make wine for other people, but these wines are all so good; I couldn't give them all up. 


Mikaila Pauli

Wine Sales and Marketing

My name is Mikaila Pauli. My story is pretty awesome. I met a man, fell in love and moved to the most beautiful place in California, a little town called Potter Valley. I became the science teacher in our little town and quickly knew almost everyone in the valley. Everyday, I am surrounded by the support of my community.


I also manage the high school farm, where students raise sheep and care for our orchard and vineyard. From this, I hope to connect my students with their agricultural roots. 

My passion for wine stems from the experiences I have when toasting a glass with friends and family. That  may be in the backyard, hiking to the top of a mountain, and landing after a long flight to another country.

Mikaila Pauli
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