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Vineyard Near Me

Here Are Your Results for a Vineyard Near Me

Are you searching for a handcrafted local wine? Maybe you switched your search to a vineyard near me that makes its own handcrafted local wine. If you're in Mendocino County in California, then you no doubt found a giant list of wineries and vineyards. The farmers and winemakers here create a variety of red and white wines from grapes grown on their wine vineyard in Mendocino 's gorgeous countryside. You'll find vineyards, wineries, and tasting rooms for every palate and a wine to pair with any meal. JEP Wines is a local wine company in Potter Valley, CA. In the heart of Mendocino wine country. This family-owned wine vineyard produces Mendocino County wine. Their menu includes Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines, by the bottle or case. The JEP family believes that wine is part of a lifestyle—whether you enjoy it in the backyard with family and friends or gallivanting across Mendocino County wine vineyards.

If you're searching for a handcrafted local wine or a vineyard near me, you won't have any problem finding what you're looking for here. Now, if you'd like to check out a small family-owned operation, then you need to make sure to stop by and meet the JEP family. Jake Pauli is passionate about crafting a drinkable wine that isn't pretentious. As a fifth-generation farmer in Mendocino County, he's raised cattle, grew clover, pears, and now wine grapes. His parents and four siblings work in the vineyards— and he does the work in the winery. Mikaila Pauli fell in love and moved to the most beautiful place in California, Potter Valley. She's the science teacher in town and manages the high school farm.

When you're exploring your results for a handcrafted local wine, make sure to add JEP Wines to your list. You'll enjoy the family atmosphere and have an opportunity to experience some of the best wines in the valley.

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