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Local Wine Company

JEP Wines: Family Owned Wine Company

JEP Wines is a local wine company in Potter Valley, CA—wine country. As a family-owned wine company that produces Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines, we make them available to purchase either by the bottle or the case. We believe in family, friends, and adventure. Our family keeps us strong, our friends define who we become, and our adventures help us discover our beautiful world. The JEP family-owned wine company believes that wine is part of our lifestyle—whether we enjoy it in the backyard while playing with the dogs or gallivanting across Rome. Our passion for wine inspired us to create JEP Wines. We don't save it for "special' occasions. Instead, we celebrate with a glass of wine daily.

Jake Pauli is passionate about crafting a drinkable wine that isn't pretentious. As a fifth-generation farmer in Mendocino County, his family raised cattle, grew clover, pears, and now wine grapes. His parents and four siblings work in the vineyards— and he does the work in the winery. Mikaila Pauli fell in love and moved to the most beautiful place in California, Potter Valley. She's the science teacher in town and manages the high school farm. 

If you want a local wine label that has a shining reputation in the community, then take a look at the JEP Wines and order by the bottle or case.

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